Opening times :
Monday to Thursday
9h15 - 13h00 / 14h00 - 18h00
Friday 9h15 - 13h00

We have a sorting surface area of 4,500 m². Our annual production represents several hundred tons. It requires market understanding and analysis.

We have whosen to externalise this work to skilled professionals. Thanks to thier know-how we offer a wide range of solutions : washing per kg, washing per article...

We have skilled sewers and high-performance machines. Ths shop enables us to carry out repairs and process warious types of materials.

Products are packaged differently according to the quantities ordered and the type of shipping required. Products exported can be packaged as bales or bundles for routing by container ship.

For Paris and the Paris region, we have a fleet of vehicules to deliver your orders. In France, we provide a standard courier service.

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